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Our beautiful mug is a perfect gift, that can be used to bring some Zen to anyone's day.

And now a word from our ... "product"

 Who wants me: 
  • For those who believe in the healing properties of crystals
Who should BUY me:
  • You should your Zen bestie
  • Cos I have the month of the year and you can personalise me
WHY should you buy me:
  • So we can spread some Zen around
How to look after me:        
  • Why put me in the dishwasher - wash me yourself - mom will love you doing the dishes
  • Oh for goodness sake - Don’t drop me!
About me :
  • I am generally called a mug 
  • Used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, soup or tea
  • I have a handle for you to hold
  • I hold more than a teacup
  • I am made of ceramic
  • and I am super shiny and glossy white
So you want me here's how:
  • Buy Me. Click
  • Select the month of choice
  • If you not happy Georgie and Moon will make you another - Yep It's true
  • Gee I am tired of talking. Go to Cart  - cos I'm amazing
  • I have many cool product friends too but pick me first :)





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