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MUG | # Mom Life - Georgie & Moon
Trust us - a #MOM LIFE It ain't easy so this mug is a perfect gift mom that can be used to ease up her day, to show her you understand.  

And now a word from our ... "product"

  • I am generally called a mug 
  • Used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, soup or tea
  • I have a handle for you to hold
  • I hold more than a teacup
  • I am made of ceramic
  • and I am super shiny and glossy white
    Who am i perfect for
    Umm MOMMY will!
    • Dad should buy for Mom
    • You should buy for Mom
    • Naughty kids must buy for Mom
    • Dad should buy for me for Mom
    WHY should you buy me
    • Umm cos your in big trouble with Mom
    • Mom needs a treat
    • Cos I am super cool #takephotoofmeforinstagram
    • Mom needs to know you get how hard life is for her
    • Mom's a hero 
    • Mom's birthday
    • I am on a budget
    • It's Mothers day
    • Just cos you Love her
    How to look after me     
    • Why put me in the dishwasher - wash me yourself - mom will love you doing the dishes
    • Oh for goodness sake - Don’t drop me!
    So you want me here's how
    • Buy Me. Click
    • If you not happy Georgie and Moon will make you another - Yep It's true
    • Gee I am tired of talking. Go to Cart  - cos I'm amazing
    • I have many cool product friends too but pick me first :)

    MUG | # Mom Life